Contemporary New Zealand Cinema

Contemporary New Zealand Cinema: From New Wave to Blockbuster

Edited by Ian Conrich and Stuart Murray

I.B. Tauris - London & New York - Copyright 2008
Paperbound: - 155mm x 231mm - 292 pages - 35 illustrations
ISBN: 9781845118372; RRP - $29.50us, 18#, $59.99nz

Since New Zealand Cinema burst on to the global stage in the late 1970s, it has maintained a high-profile presence, capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of both national and international audiences, through such films as "Vigil", "Whale Rider" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. "Contemporary New Zealand Cinema" provides an astute and definitive analysis of this fascinating industry. Focusing on industrial and commercial concerns, questions of aesthetics and form, and the cultural debates surrounding nation and identity, the book surveys the full range of filmmaking in New Zealand.It displays the rich diversity of film production in the country, and in doing so highlights a number of specific contexts - Maori, documentary and short filmmaking, literary adaptations, the development of the national Film Commission and Archive, marketing and censorship, in addition to explorations into the place of bicultural relations, spirituality, masculinity and disability - that have created a cinema of global significance. Featuring critical accounts of internationally-acclaimed features like "The Piano" and "Once Were Warriors", as well as the growth of the national infrastructure that made such films possible, "Contemporary New Zealand Cinema" is the most thorough study available of a vibrant filmmaking culture. The book also includes a fully comprehensive filmography detailing all New Zealand feature and television films.

Table of Contents

- vii - List of Illustrations
- xi - Acknowledgements
- xiii - Foreword by Lindsay Shelton
001 - Introduction by Ian Conrich and Stuart Murray
015 - Part 1: Industry and Commerce
017 - 1. The New Zealand Film Commission: Promoting an Industry, Forging a National Identity by Gregory A. Waller
037 - 2. Boom and Bust: Tax-driven Film Production in New Zealand in the 1980s by Nick Roddick
049 - 3. The Short Film: Issues of Funding and Distribution by Alex Cole-Baker
063 - 4. The Role of Marketing in the New Zealand Feature Film by Suzette Major
073 - 5. New Zealand Film Censorship by Chris Watson
085 - 6. 'With a Strong Sense of Place': The New Zealand Film Archive/Nga Kaitiaki O Nga Taonga Whitiahua by Sarah Davy & Diane Pivac
101 - Part 2: Aesthetics and Form
103 - 7. The Space Between: Screen Representations of The New Zealand Small Town by Ian Conrich
119 - 8. Beyond Materialism?: Spirituality and Neo-Utopian Sensibility in Recent New Zealand Film by Ann Hardy
135 - 9. The Adaptation of New Zealand Literature to Film: A Case-Study Approach by Brian McDonnell
155 - 10. The Contested Nation: Documentary and Dissent by Annie Goldson and Jo Smith
167 - Part 3: Nation and Identity
169 - 11. 'Precarious Adulthood': Communal anxieties in 1980s Film by Stuart Murray
181 - 12. A Waka on the Wild Side: Nationalism and its Discontents in Some Recent New Zealand Films by Mark Williams
197 - 13. 'He Iwi Kotahi Tatou'?: Nationalism and Cultural Identity in Maori Film by Michelle Keown
211 - 14. The Kiwi Bloke: The Representation of Pakeha Masculinity in New Zealand Film by Russell Campbell
225 - 15. Impaired and Ill at Ease: New Zealand's Cinematics of Disability by Angela Marie Smith
239 - Filmography
255 - List of contributors
259 - Index


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