Bruno - The Bruno Lawrence Story

Bruno - The Bruno Lawrence Story

By: Roger Booth

Canterbury University Press - Copyright 1999

230mm x 150mm 346 pages softcover

ISBN 0-908812-83-3

His first name conjures up so many memories that the surname is just about superfluous. From the 1960's until his untimely death in 1995, Bruno was an enduring popular culture figure on both sides of the Tasman: from songs like 'Dance All Around the World'; his band and theatre troupe Blerta; to films such as SMASH PALACE, GOODBYE PORK PIE, THE QUIET EARTH, and the outstanding television series FRONTLINE...the list goes on and on.

Boundless energy, diverse talents, tremendous charm, a strong sense of fairness ... these were just some of the qualities that made him so memorable. But author Roger Booth also explores Bruno's excesses, improvidence and brushes with the law (starting with the theft of a saxophone from a shop at age eight, and later returning it).

This first biography of Bruno Lawrence will appeal to all who have enjoyed his music and films. Numerous illustrations add visual appeal to an amazing and echanting story.

Roger Booth became a family friend when teaching some of the Lawrence children at high school in Hawkes's Bay. He is now Executive Officer of the Visual and Performing Arts national standards body, and lives near Wellington.


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