Broken English CD cover

Broken English - 1996

Epic - #485435.2 - 37.6 min.
UPC # 9416333543526

Composer: Murray Grindlay, Murray McNabb.
Additional music: Taiokotai-anga Cultural Group (Kiaorana track)
Lead vocals: Andrea Cook (except "You Can't Hide Love" which is by Maree Sheehan)
Backing Vocals: Murray Grindlay; Keyboards: Murray McNabb; Recitation: Aleksandra Vujcic
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tamburicas: Martin Winch; Electic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Capt. Billy Lang;
Bass Guitar: Daryn Karaitiana; Drums: Michey Ututaonga, Richie Campbell; Flutes: Nathan Haines;
Pacific Island Drums: Pale Sauni; Strings: Real Strings (Section Leader - Christine Cottle)
Recorded at: Revolver Studios, Auckland.
Engineers: Graeme Myhre, Neil Baldock.


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01. Leaving Vukovar (Grindlay/McNabb/Nicholas/Vujcic)- 2:22
02. Star River/Star River Reprise (Grindlay/McNabb)- 5:26
03. The Deal (Grindlay/McNabb) - 1:56
04. Clara and Wu (Grindlay/McNabb) - 3:33
05. Volim Te (Grindlay/McNabb) - 2:56
06. Eddie's Return (Grindlay/McNabb)- 1:36
07. Kiaorana (The Taiokotai-anga Cultural Group) - 2:42
08. Croatia (Grindlay/McNabb) - 4:22
09. Epilogue (Grindlay/McNabb/Nicholas/Vujcic) - 2:08
10. Another Country (Grindlay/McNabb) - 6:38
11. You Can't Hide Love (De Veaux/Mole/Stone) - 4:00


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