A History Of The New Zealand Fiction Feature Film

A History Of The New Zealand Fiction Feature Film

Author: Bruce Babington - Copyright 2007

Published by Manchester University Press, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9NR, UK
Distributed in the USA by Palgrave, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, 10010
Distributed in Canada by UBC Press, University of British Columbia, 2029 West Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z2
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Theatre is dignifying Klynham's cinema shomewhat. It was a big draughty barn of a place, but many happy hours we spent therein. The building has had a great face-lift recently, but I recall it fondly the way it was in the days when Les and I sat enthralled by a serial picture called 'The King of Diamonds', and the kids stamped on the floor and whistled at each certificate of approval, unless it was a travel film and then they hooted and groaned. There was always a chance of my bare arm brushing against the electrically charged flesh of Josephine McClinton again as we crowded down the stairs at interval, or even maybe, some day, fluking a seat alongside her. There were big pictures of Tom Mix and Robert Montgomery and June Withers on the walls of the stairway... (Ronald Hugh Morrieson, The Scarecrow, 1963)

Table of Contents

---- List of illustrations - Page ix
---- Acknowledgements - Page xi
01 - Introduction: the New Zealand fiction feature film: history, theory, practice - Page 1
02 - Forgotten nitrate: feature film-making in New Zealand 1912-1940 - Page 28
03 - Fifty years a pioneer: the cinema of Rudall Hayward 1921-1972 - Page 55
04 - Sustaining the dream: the age of O'Shea - Page 85
05 - Living white males: New Zealand cinema 1975-1985 - Page 113
06 - 'World famous in New Zealand': contemporary cinema 1986-2005 - Page 179
07 - Wandering stars: New Zealand cinema on the world screen - Vincent Ward, Peter Jackson, Jane Campion - Page 257
---- Filmography of fiction feature films - Page 272
-----Select bibliography - Page 279
-----Index - 283


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