20 January 2018 - Starting 17 April 2018, a Region A and Region B Blu-ray will become available in the US and UK of 'Sleeping Dogs'. It will contain the same extras that were in the "Roger Donaldson Collection" DVD. It will not have the Dolby 5.1 surround option, but will have the original mono LPCM spoken English and will have a 1.85:1 format. It will have optional English subtitles and the theatrical trailer. First pressing only: Illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Neil Mitchell, a contemporary review by Pauline Kael and the original press book. Pre-orders are selling for $30-40us or 18-25#.

14 January 2018 - DID YOU KNOW - Over the past 40 years, of some 290 New Zealand feature films produced, 161 received a total of 1314 awards. 30 of them have each received 10 or more awards. Peter Jackson's 15 New Zealand films have received a total 580 awards, which means 734 awards for the remaining titles. Given the size of New Zealand compared to other countries, this is quite remarkable. Support the New Zealand film industry to encourage more remarkable filmmaking.

30 December 2017 - Information about the unique, all Maori women directed feature, 'Waru', has been added to the database. It will be available on DVD starting 31 January 2018. 'The Changeover' is now viewable at iTunes for New Zealand viewers. Wishing you all great viewing experiences for 2018.

18 December 2017 - The quirky little 40 year-old film, 'Solo', which was the first NZ/AU co-production, is now available for VOD viewing online. The first trailer for Peter Jackson next feature, 'Mortal Engines' is now available to tease you from the Sneak peek trailers Page.

04 December 2017 - The successful film adaptation of Margaret Mahy's teen novel 'The Changeover' is coming to disc and VOD this month at New Zealand and Australian resellers.

01 December 2017 - Three NZ/US co-productions are now VOD available for US viewers on Amazon video: 'Cave In', 'Cupid's Prey' and 'Terror Peak'. The free audio review project at Never Repeats has reviews up this November for: 'Dead Kids', 'Mesmerized', 'Other Halves', 'Restless' and 'Trial Run'.

22 November 2017 - Sample MP3 clips from 'Beyond the Known World' and 'One Thousand Ropes' are now available at the Soundtrack Samples page. These of just two of over 270 soundtrack samples you can hear, including some nine from early titles that were on vinyl LPs.

30 October 2017 - Information concerning the first Indian/New Zealand co-production feature, 'Beyond the Known World' is now available. 'The Changeover' will become available on DVD and VOD starting 27 December 2017. David Blyth's family comedy, 'Grampire aka: Moonrise' is now VOD available to folks in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

05 October 2017 - After the Waterfall is now available digitally online for New Zealand and Australian viewers. Trailers for upcoming films, 'Waru' and 'Kiwi Christmas' can be accessed at the Sneak Peek Trailers Page. A sample of the soundtrack from '6 Days' is now ready for your listening pleasure at either the film's page or the Soundtrack Samples Page

01 September 2017 - I have made changes at my DVD Sale Page as well as my VHS Sale Page - some additions, subtractions and pricing changes. Most of the DVDs are being sold at Amazon and most of the VHS titles are being sold at ebay. I will be shipping all items from my Oregon, USA, address. So if you have any questions, let me know before you finalize any purchases.

23 August 2017 - The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD site has added another lesser known title, 'The Red House' to their offerings. However, it is currently only available to locations in New Zealand, Australia or the UK. I now have a page of information about 'One Thousand Ropes', which will be available on DVD and VOD starting 18 October.

20 August 2017 - Information for Toa Fraser's latest, '6 Days', is now available. Although the DVD will not be available until 03 October, it is available now VOD in the US and Canada. I am expecting confirmation of a Blu-ray version soon, so check back in a couple of weeks. It will be available in other markets later this year, but it is still having its theatrical showings in most markets.

06 August 2017 - The New Zealand Film Commission's VOD site has added the hard to find 'A Song of Good' to their offerings. However, it is only available to locations in New Zealand, Australia or the UK. No I do not know when they will be offering their many VOD titles to other countries, although I have asked and they only promise "someday". The film's soundtrack, as well as many others, can be mp3 sampled at the Soundtracksamples Page.

04 July 2017 - The low budget thriller, 'Hidden', is now legally available VOD for free. VUDU has recently added 14 NZ titles to their VOD offerings. Additionally VUDU is offering 'Boy' and 'The Lovely Bones' for free, provided you don't mind also seeing some ads. Unfortunately, at this time VUDU offerings are only available to USA locations.

6 July 2001 - Official launching of this website.

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