Death Warmed Up DVD

Death Warmed Up still

Death Warmed Up - 1984

Tucker Productions - 80 min.
DVD UPC # 5027035001517; 9418212008232

Cast: Michael Hurst, Margaret Umbers, William Upjohn, David Letch, Gary Day, Norelle Scott.
Screenplay: Michael Heath, David Blyth; Photography: James Bartle; Music: Mark Nicholas; Producer: Murray Newey; Director: David Blyth.

A young man (Michael Hurst) is programmed by an evil doctor to kill his parents, which he does and is condemned to an asylum. When he gets out, many years later, he longs for revenge on the doctor, who is now the head of an "open plan" asylum on Waiheke Island. The doctor has been busy keeping the dead alive, against their wills. After much frenzied and utterly silly violence, and some even sillier explanations, everyone, except for Michael's girlfriend appears to have been killed.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review Rating: C+

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New VHS PAL copies may be obtained from the UK for about 10# . New NTSC VHS copies may be found for under $20us. Used NTSC copies will be $10-15us. It is presented 1.33:1 with stereo 2.0.
There is an R2 PAL DVD with its original English soundtrack, but no subtitles or extras, that sells for about 8# or 10Eur.
The only R1 ntsc dvd available is within the 12 disc packs of 50 movies titled: "Night Screams"- UPC #826831070322; "Nightmare Worlds" - UPC #826831070230 or "Pure Terror" - UPC #826831070926. These 12 packs sell for $20-30us.
An R0 PAL offering is available from New Zealand sources, selling for under $15nz. It does contain a 38 minute extra of interviews by Andy Kirkwood with David Blyth and Michael Heath.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for any New Zealand address has sources for copies

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.... and it's knifings, impalings, power-drill lobotomies and the pornography-of-violence all the way. Our very own movio-nasty. The type of film that leads wise-guy critics to discuss the clever special effects and mixed soundtrack as a means to dedging the issue. (Nicholas Reid - ' A Decade of New Zealand Film')

Should be seen as the third feature of a double bill ... this film wasn't released, it escaped - David Lascelles, Rough Cut - Feb. 1985.


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1984 - International Festival of Fantasy & Science Fiction Films, Paris - Grand Prix.

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