Among the Cinders video

Among The Cinders - 1987

Pacific Films - 109/112 minutes

Cast: Paul O'Shea, Derek Hardwick, Yvonne Lawley, Bridget Armstrong, Maurice Shadbolt.
Screenplay: Rolf Haedrich (from a novel by Maurice Shadbolt); Music: Jan Preston; Photography: Rory O'Shea; Producer: John O'Shea; Director: Rolf Haedrich

A teenage boy, Nick, has difficulty coping with the death of a friend. When Nick's grandmother also dies, his grandfather, thinking that the boy will not be able to handle another loss, conceals her death and takes Nick on a journey into the countryside. We are led to believe that there is wisdom to be gained here, and there is - after one and a half hours we learn that a few drinks and a quick bonk will generally fix things. Although made in 1983, it was not released until 1987. It has not had a New Zealand theatrical screening, although it has been shown on NZ television, and it is available on video. Locations: Takaka, Golden Bay.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C+

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VHS copies are available in both PAL and NTSC formats. Used copies can be occationally located at ebay expect them to cost $10-$20us. There are no known DVD versions. In New Zealand, PAL VHS copies can be rented from Aro Video in Wellington.

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1984 - Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Czechoslovakia - Special Jury Prize: Derek Hardwick

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