The Waiting Place

Waiting Place still

Waiting Place, The - 2001

Black Box Films - 77 min.
DVD UPC # 9318500016843

Cast: Dave Perrett, Dane Giraud, Vadim Ledogorov, Michelle Langstone; Screenplay: Dane Giraud, Cristobal Araus Lobos, Dave Perrett; Director of Photography: Paul Tomlins; Original Music: Andrew McMillan ; Editing: Campbell Farquhar; Costume Design: Louise Rae; Producer: Robert Rowe; Director: Cristobal Araus Lobos.

Two escaped convicts hold up in a desolate psychiatric hospital while they await their "ride to freedom". Having little to do but talk about their past crimes, a growing conflict develops, enhanced by the dark mood of the grim setting. The desolate hospital effectively becomes a character in this slow building psychlogical thriller, leading to a bloody, not totally expected ending. Worth a view for fans of the genre. This is the director's first feature film.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C+

The Waiting Place
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Available from NZ sources on R4 PAL DVD for about $15nz. PAL/VHS copies for about $25nz. R0 NTSC DVD copies are available for about $10. It is presented 1.75:1 with 2.0 Dolby Digital audio. No extras.

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