This Town

This Town - 2020

South Pacific & White Balance Pictures - 91 min.

DVD UPC # 9322225239067

Principal Cast: Robyn Malcolm, David White, Alice May Connolly, Rima Te Wiata, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt, Peter Hambleton, Aaron Cortesi, Loren Taylor. Screenplay: David White, Henry Feltham; Director of Photography: Adam Luxton; Original Music: Samuel Scott, Lukasz Buda, Conrad Wedde; Editing: Francis Glenday, Paul Wedel; Production Design: Josh O'Neill; Costume Design: Briar Vivian; Makeup Design: Hayley Ness; Production Manager: Olivia Shanks; Sound Design: James Hayday; Visual Effect: Francis Glenday; Producers: Kelly Martin, Aaron Watson, David White; Director: David White.

'This Town' follows one man's attempt to return to normality and one woman's utter determination to prevent it. Acquitted of a crime, Sean (David White) tries to rebuild his life while ex-cop Pam (Robyn Malcolm), turned Petting Zoo Owner, conviced of his murderous tendencies, tries to prove his guilt. Sean meets Casey (Alice May Connolly) whose faith in his innocence lends new force to his struggle for an ordinary life. Charting the sublimely awkward aftermath of small town tragedy, 'This Town' is a touchingly twisted comedy about what it means to reinvent yourself. Filmed around the Hawkes Bay communities of Takapau and Waipukurau.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

This Town
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An R4 PAL DVD will become available in New Zealand and Australia starting 05 November 2020, selling for $25-30. It will be displayed in a 1.77:1 format with an English DD 5.1 soundtrack. It will have an English subtitle option. Extras will be listed by November. There is no information about when or if it will become available in other markets.

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