Stickmen still

Stickmen - 2001

Stick Films - 95 min.
DVD UPC # 723952076649; 5050582220636

Cast: Robbie Magasiva, Scott Wills, Paolo Rotondo, Anne Nordhaus, Simone Kessell, John Leigh, Enrico Mammarella, Kirk Torrance, Luanne Gordon, Emma Nooyen, Mick Rose. Screenplay: Nick Ward; Director of Photography: Nigel Bluck; Sound Designer: Tim Prebble; Music: House of Downtown; Editing: Owen Ferrier-Kerr; Producer: Michelle Turner; Director: Hamish Rothwell.

Thomas, Jack and Wayne are the "Stickmen", playing an on-going stake game of pub pool that seems them touring the under-belly of the Wellington pub scene. During a high stakes pool tournament a weird and wonderful collection of players stand in the way of the "Stickmen" winning the big cash prize. Behind it all is the omnipresence of Daddy, a crime lord who pulls all the strings. Not for all tastes, nor I suspect was it meant to be.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C+

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New VHS PAL are still available for about $15nz. R4 DVD copies are available for about $15nz or $30au. New R2 PAL DVDs are available for 6# or 10eur. New NTSC VHS or R1 NTSC DVDs are selling for about $10us.

The disc presentation is 1.85:1 with either a 5.1 dolby digital English track or a 2.0 dolby stereo English track. There is a third audio track with commentary by Hamish Rothwell and Nick Ward. There are 32 scene selections. Further extras include: A Making of Stickmen - 21:52min.; 2:20min. and 1:32min. Trailers; a 3:31 min. music video; 3 radio ads; 2 tv ads; a photo gallery with 12 stills, 3 posters and 11 bios; 6 Pool Tips eggs (click on the eight balls) .

A new, bare-bones R0 PAL version became available from New Zealand resellers, selling for under $15nz., however as of February 2015 it may be OOP.

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New Zealand herald, Jan.20, 2000
North and south, issue 179(Feb.2001)
Sunday star-times, Jan.14, 2001


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