Never Say Die video

Never Say Die - 1988

Everard Films -103 min.

Cast: Temuera Morrison, Lisa Eilbacher, Tony Barry, George Wendt.
Screenplay: Geoff Murphy; Photography: Rory O'Shea; Editor: Scott Conrad; Music: Billy Kristian, Sam Negri; Producers: Geoff Murphy, Murray Newey; Executive Producer: Barrie Everard; Director: Geoff Murphy.

Investigative journalist, Alf Winters (Morrison), meets his American girlfriend, Melissa Jones (Eilbacher), at Auckland airport. As they park outside Alf's house, it explodes. It is soon apparent that persons unknown want them dead, but the police are either skeptical or in the pay of those responsible. They play hide and seek around New Zealand with the stalkers, all the while coping with car chases, plane crashes, bullets and explosions. They return to Auckland for a meeting with Melissa's American lawyer (Wendt). The stunt drivers keep this film from being a dud; that and the wonderful New Zealand landscapes.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C+

Never Say Die
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"Director Geoff Murphy toyed with the idea for the film before he directed The Quiet Earth in 1984. It wasn't until early 1988 that Murphy sat down and began to work it through. 'It fascinated me, the idea of a New Zealander who's convinced someone is trying to kill him. Anywhere else, particularly in the States, no one would question the logic of it'" - ("Slam-bang NZ action", The Evening Post, January 31, 1991)

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