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The Insatiable Moon - 2010

The Insatiable Moon (NZ) - 97 min.
UPC - 9312590153167; 5060106960177

Cast: Rawiri Paratene, Sara Wiseman, Ian Mune, Greg Johnson, Mick Innes.
Screenplay: Mike Riddell from his novel; Director of Photography: Thomas Burstyn; Original Music: Neville Copland; Editing: Paul Maxwell; Production Designer: Brent Hargreaves; Costume Design: Chanelle Gerrard; Producers: Pip Piper, Mike Riddell, Rob Taylor;
Director: Rosemary Riddell

Arthur, the self-appointed second son of God, is on a mission to find the Queen of Heaven and to save his boarding house for a group of men who, like him, have mental health ?issues?. Arthur thinks he has found his "Queen" in community worker Margaret and he preaches his vision of a just and caring society to those who would destroy his world. However, increasingly confused, he is confined to a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, this admirable story is less than it could have been due to inadequate funding, but miracles can happen with films and this may be one of them. The presence of English subtitles is definately helpful, especially given the inclusion of NZ slang, but I wish English or Maori subtitles had been included when Maori phrases and speeches were given. Try to see this very commendable effort. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

The Insatiable Moon
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It is presented 1.80:1, enhanced for 16x9, with an English language 5.1 dolby digital surround or dts 5.1 option. There are optional English subtitles. Extras include: "Behind the Scenes" (4:45); Trailer (2:38); Deleted Scenes (4:43); Outtakes (3:02); still images gallery and Interviews with Mike Riddell (1:26), Rose Riddell (1:30), Rawiri Paratene (1:38), Sara Wiseman (1:09), Ian Mune (:54), Thomas Burstyn (1:28).

As of 13 April, 2011, it is available from New Zealand sources, selling for about $25nz, for a PAL region 4 DVD. Starting 03 October, 2011, an R2 version is available from UK resellers, selling for about 10#, but lacking the extras of the R4 release.

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2011 - AFTA - Rawiri Paratene for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film; Greg Johnson for Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film.

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