Mega Time Squad

Mega Time Squad still

Mega Time Squad - 2018

Candlelit Pictures - 82 min.
EAN - 9322225229914

Principal Cast: Anton Tennet, Jonny Brugh, Milo Cawthorne, Hetty Gaskall-Haan, Josh McKenzie, Arlo Gibson, Jaya Beach-Robertson, Tian Tan, Mick Innes.
Writer: Tim van Dammen; Director of Photography: Tim Flower; Original Music: Mike J. Newport; Editor: Luke Haigh; Sound Editor: David Liversidge; Visual Effects: James Corden; Makeup: Enisa Kartal; Producers: Anna Duckworth, Alix Whittaker; Director: Tim van Dammen.

In present-day Thames, John is a struggling criminal lowlife. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and has the modest dream of getting enough money together to move to Paeroa with his boss's sister, Kelly, and start his own gang. When John's boss, Shelton, sends him to rob a Triad's cash deposit, John decides to grab the opportunity and keep the money for himself. He makes the robbery, and flees with the cash...along with a curious antique Chinese bracelet. Shelton soon catches up with him but John discovers the bracelet's time-travel powers, which allow him to elude Shelton's gang. However, it becomes clear that unless John returns the money to the Triads, they'll kill Kelly. John decides to use the bracelet to infiltrate Shelton's pad. He does so, retrieving both the stolen cash and Kelly, but in the process John has accidentally muliplied himself.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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Starting 06 February 2019, a PAL ALL Regions DVD will become available from Australian resellers and from New Zealand resellers starting 14 Feburary 2019, selling for $25 - 30. It has a format of 2.35:1. There is a DD 2.0 and a DD 5.1 spoken English soundtrack. Extras will be confirmed in February. NOTE: Links to resellers will be added in January, if not sooner.

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