Lost Valley

Lost Valley still

Lost Valley - 1998

Intertropic Films - 96 min.
DVD UPC # 9317206005618; 942101637008

Cast: Meg Foster, Andrea Thompson, Mandi Gillette, Megan Nicoll.
Screenplay: Dale G. Bradley ; Photography: Neil Cervin; Editors: Douglas Braddock, Dale G. Bradley; Music: Bruce Lynch; Production Designer: Nick Bassett; Producer: L. Grant Bradley; Director: Dale G. Bradley.

Best friends Mary-Ann (Foster) and Sandy (Thompson) are finally taking their dream expedition to New Zealand. They are accompanied by their teenage daughters Jaretha (Gillette) and Kerry (Nicoll). Issues of first night frights from the local wildlife and daughters that can't stand each other become insignificant when they come face to face with Kiwi poachers. No match for gun-toting guys, the four find themselves held prisoner and fearing for their lives. Old story - poorly done. Oh well, there is always the great New Zealand scenery to watch.

Censor rating: PG - Review rating: C-

Lost Valley
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Difficult to find, but it should be about $20nz for new PAL VHS copies. Used NTSC VHS are sometimes found for about $10us. There are new R0 PAL and R1 NTSC versions available, usually for about $10au. It is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 stereo sound. There are no extras. Ebay would be your best bet, but be sure to check the worldwide option before searching.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available to any New Zealand address



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