Human Traces

Human Traces still

Human Traces - 2017

Overactive Imagination - 87 min.
DVD UPC - 191091556665
Blu-ray UPC - 191091556610

Principal Cast: Sophie Henderson, Mark Mitchinson, Vinnie Bennett, Sara Wiseman, Milo Cawthorne, Peter Daube.
Writer: Nic Gorman; Director of Photography: John Chrisstoffels; Original Music: Steve Gallagher; Editor: Richard Shaw; Art Direction: Heather Hayward; Costume Design: Sally Gray; Production Design: Martin Gorzeman; Producer: Nadia Maxwell; Visual Effects Supervisor: Darwin Go; Director: Nic Gorman.

The drama takes place 750 kms south of New Zealand, where husband-and-wife scientist team Sarah (Sophie Henderson) and Glenn (Mark Mitchinson) have been posted to monitor the ecosystem of a remote island. When a mysterious stranger named Pete (Vinnie Bennett) arrives, paranoia and deception begin to disrupt the order. The film is split into three chapters, each told from a different characterís perspective. Each new act is designed to reassemble the last: no sooner have you sided with one character, than you find your allegiance complicated by the next point of view.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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An NTSC R1 DVD and a Region A Blu-ray are scheduled for releases starting 06 March 2018. It will be available from North American resellers for about $17us(DVD) and $20us(Blu-ray). It is presented 2.39:1, 16x9 enhanced, with a dolby digital 5.1 spoken English soundtrack. Extras will be noted in March. As of February 2018, no information about DVD or Blu-ray availability in other markets.

As of 07 February 2018, no firm sources for DVD or Blu-ray. Check back 02 March.


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