Heaven DVD

Heaven still

Heaven - 1998

Midnight Films - 103 min.
DVD UPC # 717951004338

Cast: Martin Donovan, Joanna Going, Patrick Malahide, Richard Schiff, Danny Edwards.
Writer: Scott Reynolds, based upon a novel by Chad Taylor; Production Design: John Girdlestone; Cinematographer: Simon Raby; Original Music: Victoria Kelly; Editor: Wayne Cook; Executive Producers: Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein; Director: Scott Reynolds.

An architect with a beautiful wife, and a son, had it all - but is on the verge of losing everything as his life spirals into a seedy world of gambling. The thrills start the night he meets "Heaven", an exotic stripper whose disturbing psychic visions begin raising the stakes and inextricably link their lives. This unpredictable picture moves through a suspenseful string of twist and turns. Unique editing using rapid forward and back time placements highlights this unpredictable thriller. Filmed in Auckland - mostly at night - with a U.S. and NZ cast. Danny Edwards provides an amazing performance as Heaven. Recommended.

Censor Rating: R18 - Review rating: B-

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New DVD copies are available from U.S. sources for $10-15. There are vhs pal and ntsc versions. The only extra on the dvd is English subtitles/closed captions. It is presented 2.35:1 although my copy measured 2.26. Audio is a 2.0 dolby surround.

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1999 - Fanta - Asia Film Festival, Montreal - Best International Film.

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